It is with great pleasure, as Principal of St Nicholas that I welcome you to our school website. I trust that you will enjoy your tour of the school, and that you will experience a little bit of what has enabled St Nicholas to develop into the extremely successful school it is today with a justified reputation for high quality education. St Nicholas is dedicated to providing each pupil with the opportunity to fulfil their full potential within a happy, caring, loving progressive and stimulating environment. As you browse our website I hope that you get a feel for the variety of activities available and the sense of our happy, productive and caring community. St Nicholas prides itself in its well deserved reputation for academic, sporting and social opportunities and achievements. St Nicholas is a school and a way of life and this is most evident in the multidisciplinary team work that brings together the entire school community’s focus onto the development of the individual pupil. That is to say; the shared commitment, determination and motivation encourages each pupil to achieve their full potential, within the caring, loving community that encompasses all that happens within our school.

The school was established in May 1988 and is a non-profit making organization. It receives no grants and all funding is from school fees. A Board of Trustees, consisting of four members and the Principal, administers the school. The Trustee Members are Mr. William Cooper, Mr. John Fuller, Mr. Edward Meyer and Mr. Charles Walwyn.